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VOIP-Discover Endless Potentials of the New Technology

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) has revolutionized telecommunication system to unbelievable heights. Many service providers take the advantage of this technology to make long distance calls at affordable rates. In this innovative method, analog audio signals are turned into digital data which are then transmitted over the Internet. You can take international calls virtually free, excluding the charge for internet service. More than voice communications, VOIP transmission technique is used to deliver multimedia sessions also. Proprietary and open protocols methods are used to implement VOIP.

Calling features of VOIP
VOIP calls can be made from anywhere if you have access to an internet connection. Using softphone also you can access the VOIP service. It has many calling features, which generally includes long distance calls free of cost. Additional features that you can avail are caller ID, call waiting, call transfer, repeat dialing, return call, call filtering and three way dialing.For More Information Please Visit Call India.

It would be worth to check with VOIP service operators to understand what features they offer as standard packages. Corporates with many offices worldwide can be connected through VOIP technology and share its features for voice mail system, one single receptionist, and auto attendant facilities.

How to make a VoIP call?

There are three possible ways to make a call using VoIP. ATA (gateway) is one of the simplest modes to place a call. The procedure involves only plugging of standard handset to ATA, which is then connected to a PC with an internet connection. Another option is to use IP phones having an RJ 45 Ethernet connector. These phones have built-in software to manage VOIP calls. This can be directly connected to the router for signing up quickly into the VOIP calls. Microphone, sound card, internet connection and speakers are some other accessories that you need to make fast and easiest method of computer to computer VOIP calls.

Advantages of VOIP over traditional phone system
Cost reduction is the first feature that makes VOIP the biggest achievement in telecommunication system. This means the VOIP call between two users are entirely free. Using single internet connection many telephone calls can be transmitted at the same time. This facility is utilized for video conferencing.Don't forget to check out Call India today!

Operational cost is considerably reduced for routing phone calls over prevailing data networks. Moreover, using standardized protocols you can ensure the calls are secured and authenticated. Thus, if you validate different uses and advantages, VOIP system can be regarded as the best option to communicate around the world cost effectively.


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